Are you ready to positively impact & transform lives?

Savage Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing and influential martial brands in Europe and due to continuing phenomenal success we are now in a position to offer something truly life changing to you.

Why Savage Martial Arts?

Savage Martial Arts is the fastest growing Martial Arts brand in the UK and Ireland. Established in 2011 by Master Lee Savage (6th degree). The unrivalled success of the Savage Martial Arts style of teaching has led the brand to expand throughout Northern and Southern Ireland, positively impacting the lives of thousands of families.

We are looking for the very best people to join our expanding family of passionate, dedicated and amazing franchisees.

Values for a modern world

It is the unshakable belief that everyone can reach their true potential in life that drives us to keep developing and improving our schools and ultimately expanding our franchise network.

Parents Choose Us

The self-confidence children gained from being a Savage Martial Arts student will reduce their anxiety, improve their mental health and significantly reduce the risk of being bullied at school.

A Truly European Network

Our expansion plans for the coming years are extremely bold with opportunities throughout Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and EU countries available to future franchisees.

Earning Potenial

The sky is the limit, the more dedicated and focused our franchisees are, the more they gain in financial return. By following our proven model franchisees are able to grow to massive levels.

We value People Not Belts

It’s not the colour of belt you have achieved or how high you can kick that determines how successful you can be as a franchise owner. Some of our most successful franchisees are not martial artists at all.

Unrivalled Support

Our franchisees are supported every step of the way by a team that have been there, done that and now proudly wear the Savage t-shirt. Your success is our success and nothing is left to chance.

Affordable Packages

Our franchise program is developed to allow access to our network at an affordable rate. We work with our franchisees to ensure what they pay is both affordable and sustainable.

Interested in changing yours and thousands of others lives?

Done for you success

A franchise is essentially a done-for-you, business in a box. It fundamentally removes the need for a franchise owner to spend years working out what works. It is a fast tracked process to benefiting from our brands own hard work, failures and successes.

Sure, you could go it alone but you’d be starting from fresh with no history or knowledge of what works, and worse still, you’d be risking your own money to figure out what we’ve already perfected. By becoming a Savage Martial Arts franchise owner you take a massive leap toward immediate business success.

Of course there are still things you’ll need to learn but you’ll be supported at every step through the process. As a Savage Martial Arts franchisee, you’ll get access to all our intellectual property, experience and guidance to run the very best martial arts school in your area.

If you’ve never heard of franchising don’t worry as everything will be explained clearly to you as you read through our opportunity prospectus.

The only thing standing between you and success is yourself. With my teams support you can achieve greatness but you have to want it, so take this first step and I will see you soon.

Claim your Territory Now!

If you believe you have what it takes to run a successful Savage Martial Arts franchise then we want to hear from you. Not everyone fits our exacting criteria and we only take people on board that we believe will be successful.

Your success is our success so the next steps is for you is to fill out the form below and download our franchise prospectus